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Reflections Newsletter Spring/Summer 2016


Bellewood & Brooklawn Church News Fall 2015 issue

Bellewood & Brooklawn Church News Fall 2015 Edition

Reflections Newsletter Fall 2015


Bellewood & Brooklawn names Dr. Finke Vice President of Residential Services

David Finke, Ph.D., has joined Bellewood & Brooklawn as Vice President of Residential Services. Dr. Finke comes to Bellewood & Brooklawn from Seven Counties Services where served for 20 years, most recently as division director of Downtown Outpatient Services in the Child and Family Services division for the past seven years. He has also been […]

From a Bellewood & Brooklawn foster parent upon the arrival of five siblings who had been separated after being removed from their home: “What makes it all worth it is when they tell me how happy they are to be together. I wish you could have seen them the day they came. The younger two came first, then a few hours later, the older three came. When the older children walked in and saw their younger siblings sitting in my living room, they yelled, one jumped in his older sister’s arms, the oldest boy started dancing and the baby, who was in my arms, started bouncing up and down. The children walked through the house and I showed them their bedrooms and they sang, ‘Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!’ Can you imagine how wonderful that made me feel? In their words, I feel ‘awesome!'”