Wish Lists

Thank you for your interest in furthering our mission! There are a few ways in which you can help impact the lives of youth in our care: 

Sophie’s Cottage Housewarming

We’re welcoming new residents to Sophie’s Cottage! Sophie’s Cottage has recently undergone a renovation and awaits the arrival of young individuals seeking a safe and nurturing environment. However, we would appreciate your help transforming this space into a cozy and welcoming home. The cottage is currently empty except for beds for the incoming youth, and we currently need all housewarming items, from kitchenware & appliances to any housewares, including bedding, bathroom linens/supplies, living room staples, and more. If you’d like to help us fill Sophie’s Cottage with the comforts of home, view our wishlist here. Thank you!

Calming Boxes Wishlist

At Bellewood & Brooklawn, we strive to create an environment where our youth feel cherished, safe, and truly at home. To help a child feel most comfortable when they arrive, each child receives a welcome basket and will “shop” for items they would like in their calming box. Calming boxes will be filled with items such as Play-Doh, weighted blankets, and other similar items to be used when a child feels overwhelmed and needs to reconnect. 

We currently need items to stock in our “store” for these calming box items. Please view the wishlist of items here. Thank you for your support!

There are a few other ways to support us as well:

If you’d like to donate towards our general wishlist, click here, or donate to our Amazon wishlist here.

Please call (502) 432-3480 or email mcorlett@sevencounties.org for more information, or go to our secure online donation page and make a monetary gift, which helps provide for the children living on our residential campuses and in foster care.

“Spending time with these children is so rewarding. I know I get even more out of it than they do!”

– John S., Bellewood & Brooklawn volunteer