15 True Facts About Foster Care

When it comes to therapeutic foster care, there are a lot of myths and falsehoods that are untruthfully spread. Common misconceptions that we often see include therapeutic foster parents only in it for the money and that foster youth are irrevocably damaged. In our vast experience, this could not be farther than the truth! The foster families that we work with are bettering lives, and these resilient youth can live happy successful lives!

Message From the CEO – March 2022

New life, spring, resurrection, resilience… all these words are in my head as we quickly move through the remainder of Lent and into the Easter celebration.

Message From the CEO – February 2022

“When we choose to love, we choose to move against fear, against alienation and separation. The choice to love is a choice to connect, to find ourselves in the other.” –bell hooks

Message From the CEO – January 2022

The beginning of a new year is a natural time for us to take stock and engage in renewal. Our faith tells us that change and new life is possible.

Message From the CEO – December 2021

We’re so thankful for our support from the community. Without your help, we would not be able to continue offering life-changing programs and services. We’re looking forward to 2022!