Message From the CEO

New life, spring, resurrection, resilience… all these words are in my head as we quickly move through the remainder of Lent and into the Easter celebration. Our campuses reflect this as well. The trees at Bellewood & Brooklawn are beginning to bud, the daffodils are blooming, and our kids are back outside playing. We are also able to have volunteers and visitors back on campus! I am so excited to welcome our friends and supporters back; I have missed you all.

The past two years have been difficult, but we are finally emerging on the other side. Moving through difficulty into something new is the same process many of the youth and their families undergo while in our programs. They come from broken places of shadow and trauma and we help them to shine their light of resilience. It is the passion and Easter story.

Many times we are asked how one can help support our mission, I’ve included some suggestions below: