Message from the CEO – October 2021

As we approach the holidays, it’s important to acknowledge that the upcoming days aren’t a jolly time of cheer for everyone in our community. It’s difficult to find hope in the season when you’re a child who is being abused, or an adult worried about being evicted from your home.

Message from the CEO – September 2021

“We’re all in this together” still rings true more than 18 months later as we continue to battle COVID-19 and the ravaging effects on our communities. The people we care for have been very blessed to have you carrying the torch for our mission.

Message from the CEO – August 2021

This time last year we were talking about how much change that children and our other clients were undergoing because of the pandemic, such as depression, job loss, and a rise in substance misuse. Fast forward a year, and it’s hard to believe we’re still in the midst of a battle with the relentless COVID-19. I, like you, am very concerned that we find ourselves back here again.

Volunteer Spotlight: Harper Wrinkles and Kaylee O’Brien

Harper Wrinkles and Kaylee O’Brien have a lot in common. They’re both second-graders at Anchorage school, they’re best friends, and they share the same birthdate. It’s the latter of those facts that lead them to make a special request for their “shared birthday” this year. Instead of presents for themselves, they asked their friends to buy school supplies to donate to the kids at Bellewood & Brooklawn.

A Message From the CEO – July 2021

We’re almost through July, and it’s hard to believe many kids will be returning to the classroom full time and in person in just a few weeks. Children have endured so much change and uncertainty during the pandemic and we know their symptoms may just now show up as they transition back to more structure and normalcy at school.

From a Bellewood & Brooklawn foster parent upon the arrival of five siblings who had been separated after being removed from their home: “What makes it all worth it is when they tell me how happy they are to be together. I wish you could have seen them the day they came. The younger two came first, then a few hours later, the older three came. When the older children walked in and saw their younger siblings sitting in my living room, they yelled, one jumped in his older sister’s arms, the oldest boy started dancing and the baby, who was in my arms, started bouncing up and down. The children walked through the house and I showed them their bedrooms and they sang, ‘Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!’ Can you imagine how wonderful that made me feel? In their words, I feel ‘awesome!'”