Message From the CEO – March 2021

Are you as happy as I am that spring is in the air? Being able to enjoy the great outdoors has done wonders for a lot of people these last few weeks. Things are also heading in the right direction with COVID cases declining, vaccines becoming widely available, and schools starting to reopen, which is bringing hope to many that new beginnings are possible.

As our therapists begin working in person in schools again for the first time in a year, we are anxious about what we will find in terms of stress and anxiety in the children. Our focus will be on helping them reacclimate to their new routines and new learning environment. It is a time for us to help the kids reset, recharge, and refuel so they can perform their best in school.

Speaking of new beginnings, we are currently working on our strategic plan for the organization. In late April, our board members and leadership team members involved in the strategic planning process will meet virtually for a two-day retreat. From there, we’ll discuss and put finishing touches on the plan in hopes of having it fully completed by the end of this summer.

I am particularly excited about what the future holds for Seven Counties Services / Bellewood & Brooklawn and the communities we serve. While our organization has endured a significant amount of change over the past few years, I am confident in our path forward and our bright future. I have no doubt that Seven Counties Services and Bellewood & Brooklawn, together, can continue to build the most comprehensive system of care to help those in need in our region.

A lot of attention is being given to behavioral and mental health right now as we begin to pull out of this pandemic. It is promising to see more people in our community talking about mental health, being cognizant of their own needs, and reaching out for help. There is absolutely no shame in needing to talk to someone or in seeking longer-term treatment. Being here for our neighbors is what we do best, and we stand poised and ready to help in any way we can.