Message From the CEO – May 2021

In times of crisis, I like to reflect and look for the positive things that can come from it. Sometimes there’s a teachable moment or a new perspective we haven’t considered. The negative hits us with such force, but we must not forget that bad times can also bring out the best in people. We can open our hearts even more with grace, love, and kindness. We can grow when confronted with life’s challenges.

The world found out over the last year how important mental and behavioral health care is. Amongst the many crises of 2020, one positive note is that there was a light shone on mental health and wellness. This challenged us to have conversations, think about things differently, and fight even harder to challenge the stigma that still surrounds mental health. As a community, I think we found a deeper level of compassion for those struggling with mental illness.

Last month, our Board of Directors held its annual retreat, which was a very productive and thought-provoking two days together as a team. We looked at our long-term vision for the community against the backdrop of many crises, our mission to help lift up the most vulnerable in society, and the values our employees uphold in their work. This strategic planning exercise will ensure our work continues in the future for our communities and that we’re offering the best possible care.

On behalf of our leadership team and our Board, we’re excited about the work we’re doing together between Seven Counties Services and Bellewood & Brooklawn. I have been taking this message out on the road to legislators, city council members, mayors, first responders, and other groups over the last few months so that these stakeholders know about our services and resources. It takes all of us – donors, community partners, volunteers, faith partners, parents, teachers, and more – to wrap our arms around those most in need in our communities. Thank you for supporting our mission to help children, adults, and families find hope and healing.